Local Grapes in Veraison

The first grapes at Aubrey Vineyards for the vintage year 2020 have reached veraison. Veraison is a viticultural term meaning the “change of color of the grape berries”. As the grapes ripen, their colors change while hanging on the vine and their natural sugars and acids begin to develop. Pictured here are the Frontenac grapes changing from green to deep tones of purple. White grapes also go through veraison by ripening from green to translucent yellows or light greens.

The bright aromas of rose petals and strawberries are followed by intense flavors of pomegranate and tart cherry with a rich sweetness that pleasantly sits on the palate. It was one of our first wines to be produced and has continued to be a crowd favorite. Come try a sample at the Tasting Room in Downtown Overland Park.  

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