Harvest Season at Aubrey Vineyards

The 2022 harvest has begun at Aubrey Vineyards in Overland Park, Kansas!  Being a winery in the Midwest means a hotter, shorter growing season requiring resilient grape varietals. At a winery near me, timing for harvest is crucial, and varies greatly from year to year. Grape varietals like the freshly-harvested Frontenac go from bud break to harvest in as little as 4 months!

After being harvested and collected, the grapes are immediately cleaned and sent into a grape press. This machine gradually increases pressure until every last drop of juice is extracted from the fruit!

Harvest season can last up to three months. Each grape varietal ripens at different times of year. Excitement runs high during this season, and the vineyard turns many beautiful colors as KC transitions into the fall season. Be sure to visit The Vineyard Tasting Room in the fall to experience the magic of harvest season!

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