The Importance of Wine Glassware

While the basic shape of wine glasses are the same across the board, the intricacies of shape and size make a much larger impact on the flavor profiles of a wine than one might expect! Aubrey Vineyards takes wine glassware seriously to bring out the best in the locally-grown Midwest grape varietals grown and bottled here at the Overland Park winery.
Regardless of the glass type, it’s important to check if there is any sort of bump or lip on the rim. The goal is to have as little friction as possible while drinking the wine—it’s a small thing that makes a big difference!
Generally, more delicate wines need to go into a “fishbowl” style burgundy glass, while everything else can go in a Bordeaux glass (along the lines of the Riedel glasses in The Vineyard Tasting Room). White wines like a Vignoles call for the fishbowl or a U-shaped glass to draw out any sweetness and allow the aeration to amplify the aromas.
Red wine glasses are chosen to help mitigate the bitterness of tannin. Red wines tend to taste smoother from a deep glass with a wide opening! It’s important to leave space in the glass to naturally build aromas. This is why Riedel glasses in The Vineyard Tasting Room are large enough to hold an entire bottle of wine; all that extra space is needed to catch and hold the complex aromas!
No matter your flavor preferences, researching the correct glass for your wine of choice, will amplify your wine experience. Regardless of a lighter or heavier body, sweet or dry, and even a sparkling or still presentation, picking the correct wine glass makes all the difference in flavor. Visit the Aubrey Vineyard Tasting Room today for a guided tasting. Our Wine Specialists can explain all the intricacies of wine tasting, and help you learn more about the importance of glassware!

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