The Growing Season at Aubrey Vineyards

The biggest time of the year at Aubrey Vineyards is growing season! Beginning in mid-April and continuing until harvest in late August to mid-October, these months fill the vineyard with long, beautiful vines in a range of eye-popping colors. In the Midwest, grape varieties must be capable of withstanding harsh summers and winters due to the shorter and more severe growing seasons than those in California. Aubrey Vineyards currently grows 10 different grape varieties that have been selected with taste and durability in mind to survive these weather conditions. With that said, what is the chain events from an empty vine to bottle of wine?

Beginning in January, vines are pruned back, eliminating the prior year’s growth. Then, in April up until harvest, leaves and shoots are thinned and new growth is positioned correctly to ensure the best growth directions in an effort to produce the highest level of quality fruit set and production. Going from bud break to harvest takes about six months for an Aubrey Vineyards grape. From there, it depends on oaking decisions and priority of needed wines to decide how soon the grapes become bottle-ready products in the winery.

Interested in learning more about the grape-growing and winemaking process? Aubrey Vineyards is kicking off Wine Education Days on the first Wednesday of each month for a closer look at the vines and a 3 wine tasting! Sign up here or by visiting the Aubrey Vineyards Events page.

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