Summertime Wines from Aubrey Vineyards

Summertime Wines from Aubrey VineyardsSummertime Wines from Aubrey VineyardsSummertime Wines from Aubrey VineyardsSummertime Wines from Aubrey VineyardsSummertime Wines from Aubrey VineyardsSummertime Wines from Aubrey Vineyards

Aubrey Vineyards varietals are an excellent choice when selecting wines for summertime.

There are six different varietals to choose from, all perfectly balanced and easy to enjoy. These wines should be chilled at 40-50 degrees to experience the sharp and fresh flavors for your summertime enjoyment.

Aubrey Vineyards varietals include:

  •  2013 Apple Wine
  •  2013 Honey Wine
  •  2014 Vignoles Blush
  •  2015 Vidal Blanc
  •  2015 Catawba
  •  2015 Traminette

Apple Wine is one of Aubrey Vineyard's top sellers. It's made purely from fermented local apple juice. This wine has a sophisticated sweetness to it, so it's not syrupy, but instead crisp and refreshing. Perfect on a hot summer day!

Aubrey Vineyard's Honey Wine is made from fermented local honey from Johnson County. The honey flavor is intense yet delightfully delicate enough to sip on something sweet in the heat. It pairs well with light cheeses, fruit, and desserts.

Vignoles Blush is a fun summer wine to enjoy with your favorite summer salads. It is acidic yet refreshing like a young strawberry along with hints of pink grapefruit on the finish.

Vidal Blanc is a semi-dry white wine with fruity aromas and citrus flavors. It has been popular amongst fans of a traditional Pinot Grigio. It pairs perfectly with creamy pasta dishes, shrimp, and fish.

Catawba is Aubrey Vineyard's "foxy wine." It has light aromas of honey and pear with a blood orange finish. It is a playful and festive wine that can be served perfectly with Sunday brunch.

Traminette is a semi-sweet white wine with tropical aromas and a distinct spiciness. Fans of India Pale Ale's really enjoy this wine because of the hops like finish. It pairs well with cheese fondue, chicken, turkey, and duck.

Each wine can be enjoyed by the glass, share a bottle with a friend or loved one, or paired with your favorite summer salad, grilled meats, cheese platter, or dessert.

Aubrey Vineyards varietal wines make great wedding, anniversary, or birthday gifts too! You can order a custom label at the Aubrey Vineyards tasting room.

Entertaining? Whether you are hosting a backyard barbecue, baby shower, game night, movie night, or couples dinner party, Aubrey Vineyard's Varietals make for a fabulous display and variety for your guests.

You can purchase any or all varietals at the Aubrey Vineyards tasting room in downtown Overland Park, at your local liquor store, or order online.


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