Overland Park Wine

There's always something fabulous, fun and new to do in Overland Park, Kansas. In fact, the feel of  Napa Valley is coming to Kansas City with Overland Park’s very first modern vineyard and winery, Aubrey Vineyards. This premier local vineyard and winery will be that of an upscale nature. Think fun and fabulous!

Aubrey Vineyards will be located at 163rd and Kenneth Road, but currently has a tasting room in downtown Overland Park, inside Vinyl Renaissance & Audio record store.  This Overland Park wine tasting room is not the typical wine tasting room. The “hip” atmosphere  boasts fine wine, friendly staff, and live music. Besides the complimentary wine tastings, visitors are able to purchase their favorite varieties to take home and enjoy. The Aubrey Vineyards wine collection can also be found in many local liquor stores and restaurants. Aubrey Vineyards has a uniquely premium selection of wines from the beloved Cabernet Sauvignon, an unoaked Chardonnay, to classic Midwestern varietal reds and whites like Chambourcin, Catawaba and Vidal Blanc, just to name a few. The vineyard also produces pure Apple and Honey wines. Aubrey Vineyards  is projected to be one of the top destinations for Overland Park wine events, weddings, vineyard tours and more. There's certainly a wine or reason for everyone's palate and/or occasion at Aubrey Vineyards. If you are looking for  your new fabulous fun adventure,  head over to the only Overland Park wine tasting room to experience the ambiance and excellence of fine wine making.

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