Local KC Wine Varietals: From Dry to Sweet!

If you have ever visited a local winery or vineyard near me in the KC area, you likely have encountered a variety of grape varietals that may not be as commonly found as household staples like a Chardonnay or a Cabernet Sauvignon. Midwestern grape varietals have unique characteristics and flavor profiles that allow Aubrey Vineyards wines to stand out from the pack!

Grape varietals like Vidal, Vignoles, and Chambourcin are well-suited to growing in the Midwest due to their shorter growing seasons and durability to the harsher the weather extremes experienced in Kansas. Even though the grapes can feature different tasting notes from a typical Napa Valley wine, grapes like the Chambourcin can replace your typical dry and semi-dry reds to become your new favorite. The state white grape of Kansas, Vignoles, can replace your favorite semi-sweet to sweet white wine.

Whether you prefer sweet or dry wines, reds or whites, or something in between, Aubrey Vineyards has a bottle for you. Visit the online store today to find your new favorite!


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