The Igloo Experience FAQs

What does the $200 Igloo rental include?

Every booking includes a private Igloo for up to 6 guests for 3 hours, a dedicated Igloo attendant, plus the food package of your choice, with the ability to order additional food, if you choose. You also have access to purchase drinks from the exclusive beverage menu that is reserved for Igloo guests only. Tax will be added to the reservation fee.

How long does an Igloo rental last?

Each rental lasts 3 hours. We ask that your party arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation time to check-in at the tasting room. This will give you more quality time in your Igloo. We prefer that your entire party arrives before being seated in your Igloo. This allows us to seat you all at once and limit the number of times the door to your Igloo will need to be opened, thus keeping you warmer. All guests must check-in so IDs can be verified. BRING YOUR ID.

What happens if our party shows up late?

If your party shows up late for your reservation, we cannot extend the length of your rental. The Igloo is generally booked back-to-back to allow as many guests to enjoy them as possible. As an example, if you show up 30 minutes late, your rental would be for 2 hours and 30 minutes instead of 3 hours. Partial refunds will not be issued for parties arriving late.

How many people can fit in the Igloo?

The Igloo seats up to 6 guests. It is lounge-style seating, so there is a conversation table, but no “dining” table. Think of it as sitting around a campfire and sharing food and drink, but with far more ambience.

What if we only have 3-4 people, do we pay half price?

Sorry, each Igloo rental and package is the same price and food portion size regardless of the size of your party. If your party is smaller than 6, invite more friends or enjoy leftovers.

What if I want to reserve the Igloo for a special date night, anniversary, or proposal?

You would get major brownie points! Seriously! Message us at if you need assistance planning a special Igloo reservation.

Can we decorate The Igloo?


Are there age limits for the Igloo?

Due to the size of the Igloo and limited space, they are not suitable for children. We require guests to be 16+. 

Is smoking allowed in the Igloo?

No. Any guests found smoking, vaping, or the like will be asked to leave immediately along with their entire party, with no refund granted.

Is the Igloo heated? How should I dress?

They are “heated,” but you will be sitting in an igloo, in the winter, separated from the cold winter by clear vinyl. The Igloo includes an electric heater and blankets that will take the edge off of the chill, but please come dressed for a winter activity. It may take a bit of time after the door is opened to reheat The Igloo. The Igloo also includes a small window for ventilation if desired. Please come dressed in a few layers that you can adjust to your own individual comfort level. Any heater moved during your stay may result in a charge for damage to the shell or frame. If you require assistance with your heating unit, please push the server call button and ask for assistance.

Will The Igloo ever close for inclement weather?

In the case of extreme cold, blizzard, or dangerous icy conditions, we may need to cancel reservations to ensure the safety and comfort of The Igloo guests. In these cases, you will be notified via email or phone call about an option to reschedule your booking. We will make every attempt to make the cancellations well in advance of your reserved time but reserve the right to make cancellations in the case of emergent weather conditions at any time.

Are pets allowed in The Igloo?

No, they are not allowed in The Igloo.

What happens if we damage the Igloo?

The Igloo is a strong, engineered structure that is designed to withstand high winds and lots of static snow load. That being said, it is constructed of lightweight materials that can be damaged by impact, heat, or puncture. We ask that you take precaution when moving in The Igloo and refrain from touching the walls or grabbing the frame. The Igloo is inspected and cleaned after each Igloo experience. Evidence of damage and/or missing items will result in a damage fee charged to the credit card used to make the reservation.

What is the restroom situation?

All Igloo guests are welcome to use the indoor restrooms in The Tasting Room. We recommend using the facilities before getting seated in the Igloo to avoid unnecessary opening of your door.

What is there to do inside the igloo?

Drink…Eat….Talk - all of our favorite things! Maybe bring a game? Just make sure that it doesn’t require a lot of table space.

Can we order wine tastings and/or flights inside the Igloo?

No, if you would like to do a wine tasting, please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your igloo rental to complete your wine tasting inside The Tasting Room.

Can we bring outside food and drinks?

No. Outside food and/or beverages are not allowed in the Igloo. If you are celebrating something special (i.e. a birthday, anniversary, etc.), please contact us to discuss celebration options. If anyone in your group is caught with outside food and/or beverages, your entire party will be asked to leave and no refund given.

Will there be servers that we can order more food and drinks from?

In addition to the $200 base package that you select when you book The Igloo, an Igloo attendant will be dedicated to you. Want to order additional beverages? Want to order additional food? Need the heater adjusted? Your dedicated attendant will take care of all of these requests!  Please note that food on the exclusive Igloo food menu is not available on demand.  These must be ordered 24 hours ahead of the reservation time.  

Can I order items off the regular vineyard menu?

Yes!  The everyday AV wine, beverge and lite bite menu is available for additional orders throughout your time in The Igloo.

How long do we have to finish our food and drinks?

Each igloo rental is for 3 hours within a predetermined time block. This gives you enough time to finish any food you ordered in advance. All food that is pre-ordered will be ready for you when arriving at the Igloo. We will prepare any left-over food for the trip home as well as any open, unfinished wine bottles.

Can I upgrade or change my mind on food selections when my group arrives?

We cannot change any food items you selected when booking online; however, it is possible to add-on additional food and beverage items when you arrive and throughout your experience.

Do I have to select my food and/or drinks when making my reservation?

Yes. We require you to choose your food package when making your reservation online. All pre-ordered food will be ready upon your arrival to The Igloo. 

Is it possible to cancel my reservation?

Yes, you may cancel your reservation, without penalty, as long as it is more than 72 hours prior to your reservation. Cancellations with less than 72 hours’ notice will result in the loss of the full $200 reservation fee. To request a cancellation, email us at, making sure to include the name and date/time of the reservation from your booking. You will receive a confirmation email of your cancellation. If you do not receive a confirmation email, it is your responsibility to call (913)906-2926 to ensure the cancellation has been received. All refunds will be processed on the credit card used to make the original reservation.

Can I change my reservation date or time?

Yes, as long as it is 72-hours before your reservation start time and we have additional reservation time slots open, you may change your reservation. Changes made less than 72 hours in advance will result in a loss of the entire $200 reservation fee. No same day changes will be allowed.