Vineyard Manager

Aubrey Vineyards, a Kansas (Overland Park) vineyard and winery focusing on high quality Napa-like wines and grape growing of mostly French hybrids, is recruiting for a full-time Vineyard Manager. The right person will have a passion for growing quality fruit for the exclusive use of the winery.

The ideal candidate will be:
Organized & analytical & will pay attention to detail
Versatile in their thinking and an innovative team player
Strong in their interpersonal skill
Of sound judgment and able to make timely decisions
Knowledgeable of data collection methods and will implement practices based on results

Job Summary:
Obtain acceptable yields and fruit quality
Manage 14 acres of vineyards and peach trees using standard viticultural practices
Oversee disease, pest control, canopy management, harvesting, pruning practices
Responsible for supervising and scheduling crews throughout the season
Maintain safety and compliance rules related to the vineyard
Oversee all outdoor property of the company’s farms including:
fencing (decorative and deer border), lawns, decorative plants, property yard/beds of bed and breakfast, debris cleanup, property cleanliness/presentation for guests and other areas as assigned.
Oversee annual fertility and pesticide budgets for the vineyard & ranches
Manage weed spray programs and irrigation systems
Equipment maintenance:
Perform regular maintenance on machines
Keep detailed records of maintenance
Identify when machines need professional care
Keep machines from being damaged by others and train people on use/care
Test grapes and update reports for winemaker during the season
Keep regular records of yield estimates
Order supplies related to chemicals, tools, machine maintenance items, etc.

Education and Experience:
- B.S. degree in Viticulture or equivalent experience.
- Minimum of three years vineyard management experience
- Experience with Midwest-grown vines a plus

Starting Salary:  $30,000 to $50,000 per year

To apply, reply with your resume and cover letter. Please include your high school/college GPAs.