Assistant Manager - Vineyard

Aubrey Vineyards seeks to hire an individual to assist in managing the vineyard(s). There are 14 acres of grapes and approx 10 different varieties being grown. You will assist with managing and performing tasks involving the vineyard crew, equipment, spray schedules, pruning, vine training, chemical test, harvest, trellis building, etc. The ideal candidate will have some experience working with plants. Previous work in a vineyard is a plus, but not required.

The ideal candidate will have the following characteristics:

  • Good communication skills
  • Willingness to work hard outdoors in adverse conditions
  • Fit in well with our current team
  • Good research skills
  • Detailed and careful work habits
  • Good note taking and record keeping skills
  • Ability to pick up new skills quickly
  • Own some technical ability to run instruments, tools, and farm vehicles

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume, high school and/or college grade point averages, and your desired salary to [email protected]


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